February 10, 2012

I have been awarded!

See this ?!?
Sweet Bea, who is a Dane like me but living with her husband and 2 soon to be 3 kiddos in the US, totally surprised me with this lovely award!

Please go check out her block too:  Beaquilter
Bea is also a professional, ribbon winning quilter, I do so wish I could quilt like that!!

If you want to read more about this award, go to the VBA blog.

The rules for nomination and nominated blogs are:
  • Thank the person who gave you this award
  •  Include a link to their blog.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
    - you might include a link to the VBA site.
  •  Finally, tell 7 things about yourself.
You should think that it is easy-peasy, but I have discovered that I really consider the vast majority of the ~60 blogs in my reader to be excellent, the rest are just brilliant :)
Most of them are quilting related, no surprise! But also because I truly enjoy reading about they day-to-day life with ups and downs, to get a glimpse of their real life and the interesting persons behind this and that blog. 

So if you do not find YOUR blog on the beneath list, please rest assured that I had a hard time selecting!
Here are my award winning nominees (in no particular order), please go and pay them a visit, I think they are well worth it:
  1. Don't Call  Me Betsy
  2. In Color Order
  3. Sew Sweetness
  4. Pie Birds, Buttons and Muddy Puddles
  5. Quiltingismytherapy's Blog
  6. artsy-crafty babe
  7. Hyacinth Quilt Designs
  8. from the blue chair
  9. a quilt is nice
  10. Trillium
  11. Pleasant Home
  12. Piece and Press
  13. Stitched in Color
  14. Lily's Quilts
  15. Red Pepper Quilts
 7 thing about myself... Oh, what to write that could be of any interest??
OK, here goes:
  1. I was an au pair in France for 1 year when I was 18
    It was the year after highschool. That year was sometimes difficult but I learned a lot about myself, how to navigate in and adapt to a very different culture and what to put up with. This shaped me quite a bit and made me choose an education I would not have chosen otherwise: I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Languages of French and English.
    Besides my mother language Danish, I also speak German and understand the other 2 Nordic languages Swedish and Norwegian.
  2. The above 2 all melts together beautifully, as I work in a German medical company, in the Nordic Offices together with Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and German colleagues. The company language is English. I am a Clinical Trial Assistant and I adminstrate pharmaceutical clinical trials conducted in humans. So I can really see a meaning in what I do: some day this or that medicine will help someone to a better life!
  3. I have taught myself all about quilting through books, wonderfully inspiring blogs, tutorials, virtual quilting bees/swaps (THANK YOU) and trial-and-error. I have only ever attended one quilting class and that was 1 year ago, learning about Y-seams.
  4. I hate dishonesty more that anything else!
  5. I would love to have a cat (I have had 3 Maine Coon Cats before), but my sweetheart is heavily allergic, so that is now a no-go... I enjoy the peeks of other bloggers' cats even more and love that you include them!
  6. It took us 4 years get our beatiful boy, Johan.
    During the last year we got all the help modern fertility has to offer (ICSI for those of you who know), so he truely is our little treasure!! I hope for a future sister or brother, but we can only hope!
  7. I am the avatar (=identity) Kvinta Lingiuan in the virtual world Second Life.
    I have been 'inworld" since 2006 and have had many joyous moments, getting som very good virtual friends, and have had a virtual garden centre in there, for real selling virtual plants I had created.
    Second Life can be a very creative place, but sadly some greedy and selfish people have spoiled the visual experience for many many persons. Nowadays (after the birth of Johan 2 years ago) I rarely get to visit. Send me an IM, if you know what I am babbling about ;0).
I hope you have enjoyed reading a little about me and have gotten to visit som new-to-you blogs!
thank again to Bea for the VBA!


beaquilter said...

selv tak! skal da lige se hvad det spil er for noget....

Ann said...

Det er ikke et spil, det er blot et avanceret chatrum med mulighed for en mere personlig fremtræden, hvor man samtidig kan være kreativ og måske enda tjene en enkelt øre, men heller ikke meget mere.
Der er en del role play (vampyrer, fantasy, goth, medieval osv), men et decideret spil er det ikke.

Rachel Hauser said...

Thank-you for the award, Ann! I am honored to be on your list. I too hate dishonesty. What a simple way to put it. May you be blessed with a brother or sister for Johan someday. That is such a heartbreaking struggle to undergo. Thanks goodness for your miracle baby already!

Cindy said...

Thank you for the award! I feel honored to be included with some pretty talented bloggers. It was fun reading a little bit about you! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Kritta22 said...

Wow!! You are amazing!! I knew that before but it's even more truth now! ;)

Have you looked into getting a rag doll cat? They are pricey BUT hypo allergic and soooo great with kids. I had one until we moved from Alaska. They have hair like humans, not fur. (or so I'm told) they don't have the dander that causes the allergic reaction.
I had many many friends in AK that were allergic but could totally pet, hug and even sleep with Louie.

Anyway something to think about.
Love ya

Kritta22 said...

PS. Who in the world told Johan he could grow???! Seriously I don't like it one bit.

Elizabeth Dackson said...

Thank you so much for the award! I really appreciate you thinking of me! Your little boy is just darling, boys are the sweetest!