August 28, 2010

Followers: Who are you??

Hi my dear Followers
(and others who accidently drops by)!

I am amazed that I even have Followers, considering the long interval between my blogging *blush*

Being curious by nature, I have tried to look up YOUR blogs and read a little, to see what kind of peeps that might be interested in ME. However, it was fairly difficult (due to the setup of blogger), so I thought "why not ask them directly?".

So now I thake the leap!
Would you dare to tell me (and all the others) a little about yourself? Perhaps even include a link to your own blog?
I know I would love to learn more!!

As for an update from me:
  1. Just started back in a full-time job after 9 months of matermity leave *ouch*
  2. Not much quilting getting done *yiakes*
  3. My son is ABSOLUTELY wonderful and gives me so many laughs and so much joy that it is totally worth me missing out on many other things in life *I love that little guy*
    Here he is:

  4. I am about to start my first EVER shop - a webshop selling just Kona Cotton Solids and the marvellous GO! fabric cutter (I bet you have heard about it).
    I will probably not be able to compete with any American shops price-wise, but there is just 2 other places here in Denmark to get a few of the Kona's and I will be the first GO! retailer here *weeeeee*

    Better get that darn webshop up and running, as I will receive my very first cutters in the coming week!!!
    I am in NO WAY planning to make a living out of it, it just annoyed me that I could not get those products here, so I thought "why not?". If only I get back what I put in, it will be ok for me :)
  5. Hmmmm... anything else.... errrrr...... not really... Boooooooring, booooohhh.
    Well, that is it, I guess.