January 29, 2009

I went to a sale :)

This is what I brought home after one intensive hour:

It was a pre-sale for newsletter recipients at my local store. Most fabrics were 20-70% off. VERY nice considering that fabrics in Denmark are fairly expensive, compared to American prices (I have been told).

So I went for it and bought all these goodies. The store itself is tiny and normally very cozy, but on pre-sale.... well... You can imagine the crowd ;)

Anyway, I am happy with my prey :)

Inspiration - again!

brick road quilt detail
Originally uploaded by jrcraft
Is this not the nicest colour combination??!!?

I would personally never have dared combining the lavender and lime, nor the dusty bluish green against the celery green. But it all just looks so inspiring and yummy.

For further pictures and more ideas, check out her Flick photos (click this photo) or visit her homepage at www.dontcallmebecky.com.

Have a wonderful day!

January 22, 2009

Inspiration: 3D effect

Oh dear Lord, this girl know how to treat colours right!!
This will be put on my 'Must-do-list' at once!
Not necessarily as is but something like it.

WIP - Layout 1
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January 20, 2009

My first swap! Yay!!

I have joined my first swap EVER!

I am so exited about it, as it is a very simple and basic fabric scrap swap, and I should be able to handle that :)
The picture is also the link to the blog - consider joining me!

January 14, 2009

More inspiration from Flickr - from golly g

Yet another set of quilt photos that made my evening even better!

I really like that swirtly quilting, gives the quilt such a soft touch to the edgy rectangles...

Amazing use of colours - look at her quilts!

Work in progress - border 2
Originally uploaded by Lisa-S

This is -sadly- not my quilt, but I sure wish it was!!
I stumbled upon them as i browsed the internet randomly for quilt inspiration, and WOW!

Take a look for yourselves :)

And NO - this picture is not a drawing!

January 10, 2009

New baby quilt, this one for Olivia

I have been working on this baby quilt for some time, and now I can finally show it to all of you:

It will be our baptising gift to our future God-daughter tomorrow!
Her name will now officially be Olivia :)

I wanted to make a really gurly baby quilt this time, and I know that these oranges and pinks will be a hit in her home. Weee!

My inspiration came the quilt called 'Native Rainbows' from Laurie J. Shifrin's book 'Batik Beauties'. Many good ideas and patterns, also for quilts without batik fabrics!

As to the quilting I made a lot of advanced machine quilt stitches in/near to the ditches.
I think there are too many seams on the top for first-time freehand quilting...

I made a quilt for her sister about 1½ year ago - see it below for the baby quilt for Astrid.

I also have made most of the top for the next baby quilt, this one will be the first for a BOY! YAY!
For natural reasons I cannot show it to you, yet. But guess what: It will be blue-ish. More to come, promise...

January 7, 2009

This is it: I finally have a blog!!

Hello all you wonderful, sparkling, creative people out there!

I have been immensely inspired by all the creative minds and blogs or homepages I have read the last month or so. Mostly by quilters and other related crafts, as this is my main interest.

I must find out how to link to
other blogs.... hmmm...

So now it is my turn to share
my quilts and other stuff with you.

They are not many... but I have made them. All by myself!
And I am happy with the results so far :)

Take a look and let me know what you think, please.
(click on a pic to get directed to the larger version on Flickr).

This is my second baby quilt for my first niece.

This was also a present for her baptism in 2008. She is named Birgitte.

I used a pattern called "Big Bear Log Cabin", a free quilt of the month pattern from Judy Martin's website. I made a completely different choice of colour and the way I changed the colour flow over the quilt. I think it worked out nicely :)

This is my first baby quilt.

It was a baptizing present in 2007 for our good friends' first little daughter named Astrid.

I was inspired by a pattern from the wonderful Danish texture artist and quilter Charlotte Yde, called something like "Hovering Triangels", I think...
I love the shadow effect, just a bit too elusive in pale yellow!

A single bed spread to my former mother-in-law. She is a lovely lady!

Finished in 2005.
Hand quilted with little heart pattern matching one of the fabrics.

This is my first quilt, EVER!

It is a bedspread, kingsize, to my parents back in 1997.
Classic Log Cabin pattern and diagonally hand quilted. That was when I realized that I will never be the happy hand quilter. I shall leave that to others *giggle*.

About me?
I am a
Danish 35-year-old girl, who just enjoys life, creating things and of course loves my boyfriend T, with whom I live at the edge of Copenhagen.

Thanks for looking at my blog!!!