January 12, 2011

New swap - join me!

I have chosen 'plum' as my preferred colour.
I wonder if I can find 10 different fabrics that can be put in that colour category?!
We'll see!

January 7, 2011


Oh dear..!
I have touched THIS beauty today:
Yep! The Bernina 820.

She is a beauty to look at and so smooth to touch *sigh*.

I think I may just have fallen in love!

But... dang! It is so expensive...

Then again... If I really, really like this machine, which I suspect I might, then it is probably a keeper for many, many years.

Can you hear the inner voices here, huh??

Does any of you have any experience regarding the Bernina 820 - or any other Bernina for that matter - then I would love to hear from you!!

Thanks :)