June 2, 2012

FQ Retreat 2012 in London

I am here! In London with a bunch of lovely ladies. Who all have a mutual understanding for all things quilty and fabric. Who are familiar with Liberty insanity and the need for filling even more fabrics into your already filled-to-the-brim-and-beyond fabric storage. Who become excited over gadgets I did not knew existed and squeels over pictures of Johan ;) Wonderful!!

The FQ retreat starts tomorrow, officially.
The activities this afternoon were volountary to do and they kick started it all with totally good vibes.

I cannot wait to get started tomorrow:
I have a morning workshop with Lucie Summers (yes: the creator of the fabric line 'Summersville', and the 'portholes' tecnique).

In the afternoon the workshop will be with the Aneela Hoeyto learn the basics in free-hand embroidery. Cannot wait!

These two workshops were my choises, others have chosen differently with paper piecing or purse making or desinger challenge!

I will be back with photo evidence, once my phone decides to cooperate...

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