June 2, 2012

FQ Retreat 2012 in London

I am here! In London with a bunch of lovely ladies. Who all have a mutual understanding for all things quilty and fabric. Who are familiar with Liberty insanity and the need for filling even more fabrics into your already filled-to-the-brim-and-beyond fabric storage. Who become excited over gadgets I did not knew existed and squeels over pictures of Johan ;) Wonderful!!

The FQ retreat starts tomorrow, officially.
The activities this afternoon were volountary to do and they kick started it all with totally good vibes.

I cannot wait to get started tomorrow:
I have a morning workshop with Lucie Summers (yes: the creator of the fabric line 'Summersville', and the 'portholes' tecnique).

In the afternoon the workshop will be with the Aneela Hoeyto learn the basics in free-hand embroidery. Cannot wait!

These two workshops were my choises, others have chosen differently with paper piecing or purse making or desinger challenge!

I will be back with photo evidence, once my phone decides to cooperate...

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Rafael's Mum said...

So great to meet you Ann! Hope to all meet up next year again. Looking forward to your pictures!

machen und tun said...

Yes, it was really great meeting you, too bad we didn't spend more time together. . hope you had agood time!! See ya next year but before that of course online :-)

Dianne Neale said...

It was lovely to meet you at the weekend. I enjoyed our chat over dinner on Sunday. Hope you got home safely and the family were OK without you!