April 30, 2010

HST cuddle quilt -done!

Allow me to introduce my newest cuddle quilt!!

It is quite large as my tall boyfriend should be able to cuddle under it as well :).
Finished size: 75'' x 58''

Taking a decent photo of this quilt, that allows me to show you the true dusty greens, blues and yellows, has proven to be quite a task.
I have decided that this is close enough - just imagine a bit more sea green and blue!

The backing is a very soft and fairly boring piece of dusty green fabric...

As to the quilting, I did a (somewhat) straight line machine quilting in the coloured HTS.
The border is Kona's 'Asparagus' and one of the fabrics from front, just to visually break the solid border a bit.

The batting is a high loft polyester batting. Yum!!

And now on to test it on the sofa *giggle*

April 9, 2010

Siggy block invasion!!

This is how about 5,000 (!) sigyy blocks look, all piled up next to each other. There is a total of 9,900!

I am so grateful Rachel has taken up this ginormous task of making 98 piles of 98 blocks (one to each of us, with one block from everyone else).

I cannot wait to get my stack of yumminess :D

April 6, 2010


For about a year I have been following the QuiltingBeeBlocks photo pool on Flickr.
I have also added photos of my own VQB blocks for inspiration to other fellow quilters (that is how it works).
Now it has it's own blog at http://www.quiltingbeeblocks.com , which I think is a GREAT idea!
Also, there is a huge opening give-away - go check it out :), and then consider joining us :)

Virtual Quilting Bees really is a good way to try new blocks, fabrics, and colour combinations.

It has dragged me out of my comfort zone a couple of times and I have learned to deal with triangles, woooohooo! But always in a good way, that is! If you have not tried a VQB, I recommend that you do - it is great fun!