October 23, 2012

Action shot

Johan in action

My little design helper in action!

Part of the blocks from my fellow FQR kinky bee'ers, laid out on living room floor.

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October 8, 2012

Embroidery, moi?

After the Fat Quarterly Retreat, I got a taste for embroidery. Yes, I know: the rest of the world discovered doodle stitching years ago, but hey! Now it is my turn :)

I have only dared venturing into tiny stitcheries, and the first one was the birdie Aneela Hoey taught us at the retreat, which I immediate used to pimp up the canvas goodie bag, along with the brilliant porthole technique by Lucie Summers. So much fun!

Birdie pulling worm
And when home again, I added a lining with a zipper pocket and replaced the original handles with new and longer handles.

Inside of canvas tote

My mom loved it instantly, so it now lives with her, being used to carry all sorts of crafty thingies (for painting, knitting, weaving, you continue...)

I had the luck to sit next to the incredibly sweet Nicole of Follow the White Bunny who designs very cute embrodery patterns. So I bought some of her patterns and transferred them (slightly enlarged) onto some linen I had on hand.

First try

I really like the calm process and the fact that it can be brought along when travelling, which I do far too much currently (job related). And as I have not yet found the patience to handsew hexagons, this is a perfect solution!

Oh, and yeeeehaw!!

I have just bought the ticket for the Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013 - how could I not!? It was just too fantastic this year!

Going there in 2013 too!!

PS: If this post looks awkward, it is because I am trying out blogger's blogpost-creator-app.. I have NO idea where the photos will end up, for instance :)
PPS: It looked awful!! Returning to my wellknown BlogBooster free app....