April 30, 2012

Quiet morning happiness

Modern hand quilting for a Belgian baby girl:

_More to come on this one!

April 19, 2012

Oakshott indulgence!

Look what my sweetheart brought home tonight: Oakshott ColourBox

It was the absolutely perfect thing to bring home for opening after a seriously CRAPPY evening. I will spare you from the details...

Have you ever heard of these Oakshott fabrics?
Lynne from Lily's Quilts introduced them in some absolutely lovely creations she has made, be sure to check out her amazingly simple but absolutely lovely 12 trees quiltlt!!

Well, Oakshott fabrics are high quality fabrics with a little shine/colour shift in them due to the fact that the warp and weft in the fabrics consist of differently coloured threads.
I adore Kona solids, these are the UK luxury version :)

At the time of ordering in the Easter they offered FREE SHIPPING on orders above 35£ (not sure if it was worldwide) and I do not know if that offer is still on. Dare not go check it out, I may end up ordering more!!!

Anyway, I indulged in this ColourBox with their entire range of "solids", 100 different fat 8ths pieces. It was also on sale, reduced with 50 £ and I think it still is! Wooohoo, long time since I allowed myself to such luxury self-fabric-therapy.

And it arrived at the exact right time (fast shipping!!!), in an exclusively looking black box with red letters. The back of the photo left of the fabric box contains all the names or numbers of the fabric for easy reference and re-order. Uhmm yep!

Sadly, I do not have the time to dive into the pile of beauty right now, but soon... Soooooon, I promise myself :)

Hope you all enjoy the riches of RIGHT NOW. Have a wonderful day!

April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to share a precious moment (for us) with you all: Johan finds his first ever Easter (chocolate) egg in Grandma's garden. Egg hunt 2012

Oh, and yes: I will try to translate that sourdough bread receipe soon!

:) Ann

April 7, 2012

New toy and sourdough

Warning: this post is not quilt-related! ;-)My new toy!!

This is my brand new kitchen machine from Kenwood!! I was fortunate and had a nice amount of my tax money back, so I jumped in and bought this :) So far I am very happy with it: it has a powerful engine (1000 Watts) and a lot of attachments and extras. Of course Kenwood offers a bunch of additional attachments to drool over and put on my wish list *hint*! My new toy

So, naturally I needed to give it a try and what better way than baking?!

I have had my eyes and mind on a specific sourdough receipe for about a month now but did not have neither sourdough nor the time to try it out before now, during the Easter holidays.

A good friend provided me with a large storage glass of sour dough. Thanks Lone!Sourdough

Ready-to-bake dough: Ready to bake dough

All warm and finished result: Baked sour bread

And it came out very moist, crunchy crust and very good taste!! Yippeee!! Finished bread With butter and a bite

Let me know if you want me to write down the receipe!