March 13, 2012

Naaahhh... better wait a little on Pinterest :)

Following my last post, I have revisited Kirsten's homepage (primarily to check my link):
It appears that Mr. Pinterest himself called her and talked an entire hour with her, ensuring her that they are working on the issues pointed out.
And she has not deleted her account either, just deleted the boards that contained photoes that could likely cause her legal problems. Brilliant.

I shall await further actions from Pinterest's side and meanwhile, I will be very cautions WHAT I pin :)

Happy pinning ;)

I will be deleting my bords at Pinterest... Sadly!

Please read the following blog post (or just the first part of it if you do not have the time): it is very interesting and enlightning...

This is the reason for me leaving Pinterest and deleting my boards, one of these coming days.

I just need time to compile this inspiration somehow else, and currently my only alternative will be a truck load of bookmarks or one or more documents placed at Google docs, for easy access.

Yep, copyright is a bitch, but I understand and wish to respect it.

Just thought you might wanted to know too!