November 28, 2010

Sunday stash

I was tempted by this delicious selection of fabrics at Hawthorne Threads.

I really love their webshop: So many yummy fabrics (!) and some really brilliant features, such as suggestions to coordinating fabrics and the possibility of finding coordinating fabrics by colourway based on the current fabric (look at the bottom of the page). I think this is FANTASTIC.

My Sunday stash is a combination of Modern Meadow in the berry colourway (by Joel Dewberry), several fabrics from Pat Bravo in berry and plum and a few others.

I see a berry/plum quilt in my very near future, to soften up all of the blues and greens that currently surround me. It is self-inflicted, I admit, as I have made it with my bf and son in loving mind :)

I love berry and plum - both as colours as well as the fruits. Yum!

What are your favourite colours right now??

November 19, 2010

Still here..!

I am still around and now I have my Pfaff back. Yaaayy!

This means that I have started on 2 projects: Yeeeeeessss my friends, one was not enough for me, teheee (I refuse to count the numerous UFO's that float around).
This is one of them: I am trying out curves for the very first time, and I have news for (some of) you: It is not hard at all!! Super easy in fact, and NO pinning is needed. Yep!

I am making a Drunkard's Path circle quilt, and I just use the method so nicely described by Jaybird Quilts in her video to be found here.

She also uses the GO! cutter that I sell on my brand new web-shop Kvinta Quilts - wooooohoooo (beware it is in Danish only). I finally got my act together and finalized some stuff and received most of the Kona Cotton. Oh yes, Kona is a rare thing here in Denmark too!

However, I have not used the special curves sewing foot, but just a normal one with a fabric guide on the right (for more precise seam allowances), and it was just perfect too *grins*. I really cannot believe how easy this method is - try it out!!

The recipient (that does not know she will get a quilt) loves purple so I hit my stash and found all kinds of purple for it - soooooo good for using up stash!! Yes! I think I love it already, and I have not even begun assembling the quilt yet, just been petting the fabrics ever so gently, re-arranging and pressing all the purple yumminess.
Can you tell I am exited?

I have not taken any pics of the other project, sorry.. You will get that in another post ;)