November 19, 2010

Still here..!

I am still around and now I have my Pfaff back. Yaaayy!

This means that I have started on 2 projects: Yeeeeeessss my friends, one was not enough for me, teheee (I refuse to count the numerous UFO's that float around).
This is one of them: I am trying out curves for the very first time, and I have news for (some of) you: It is not hard at all!! Super easy in fact, and NO pinning is needed. Yep!

I am making a Drunkard's Path circle quilt, and I just use the method so nicely described by Jaybird Quilts in her video to be found here.

She also uses the GO! cutter that I sell on my brand new web-shop Kvinta Quilts - wooooohoooo (beware it is in Danish only). I finally got my act together and finalized some stuff and received most of the Kona Cotton. Oh yes, Kona is a rare thing here in Denmark too!

However, I have not used the special curves sewing foot, but just a normal one with a fabric guide on the right (for more precise seam allowances), and it was just perfect too *grins*. I really cannot believe how easy this method is - try it out!!

The recipient (that does not know she will get a quilt) loves purple so I hit my stash and found all kinds of purple for it - soooooo good for using up stash!! Yes! I think I love it already, and I have not even begun assembling the quilt yet, just been petting the fabrics ever so gently, re-arranging and pressing all the purple yumminess.
Can you tell I am exited?

I have not taken any pics of the other project, sorry.. You will get that in another post ;)

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SewCalGal said...

I really like making quilts with the AccuQuilt GO! Drunkard's Path die. Very easy to sew the curves, especially with the dart marking in the middle of the curve. And I don't have a special curve foot.

Can't wait to see what your Drunkard's Path looks like. I'm sure it is going to be beautiful.