January 10, 2009

New baby quilt, this one for Olivia

I have been working on this baby quilt for some time, and now I can finally show it to all of you:

It will be our baptising gift to our future God-daughter tomorrow!
Her name will now officially be Olivia :)

I wanted to make a really gurly baby quilt this time, and I know that these oranges and pinks will be a hit in her home. Weee!

My inspiration came the quilt called 'Native Rainbows' from Laurie J. Shifrin's book 'Batik Beauties'. Many good ideas and patterns, also for quilts without batik fabrics!

As to the quilting I made a lot of advanced machine quilt stitches in/near to the ditches.
I think there are too many seams on the top for first-time freehand quilting...

I made a quilt for her sister about 1½ year ago - see it below for the baby quilt for Astrid.

I also have made most of the top for the next baby quilt, this one will be the first for a BOY! YAY!
For natural reasons I cannot show it to you, yet. But guess what: It will be blue-ish. More to come, promise...


Tine said...

Beautiful quilt. I like the orange :) Looking forward to seeing the blue boys quilt!

Tine said...

Jeg vil meget gerne interviewe dig, men jeg har ikke din mailadresse. Vil du sende den til mig?
enitdk @ gmail . com

kvinta said...

Hi Tine. I was actually in doubt wether this quilt would be 'too much', as I had another background fabric in the beginning. Glad I changed it! I shall send you an email, for the interview :)

Soukies said...

You did a wonderful job with this quilt! I love the colors and just everything about it!


Philigry said...

beautiful quilts! wow! i can't wait to see what else you create.

Millie said...

Beautiful baby quilt with pretty happy colors. Thank you for visiting by at my blog. I enjoy your posts so much and will add your blog to my reading list.

Happy quilting!

Margaret aka Supermom said...

Really, really pretty color combination :-)