August 28, 2010

Followers: Who are you??

Hi my dear Followers
(and others who accidently drops by)!

I am amazed that I even have Followers, considering the long interval between my blogging *blush*

Being curious by nature, I have tried to look up YOUR blogs and read a little, to see what kind of peeps that might be interested in ME. However, it was fairly difficult (due to the setup of blogger), so I thought "why not ask them directly?".

So now I thake the leap!
Would you dare to tell me (and all the others) a little about yourself? Perhaps even include a link to your own blog?
I know I would love to learn more!!

As for an update from me:
  1. Just started back in a full-time job after 9 months of matermity leave *ouch*
  2. Not much quilting getting done *yiakes*
  3. My son is ABSOLUTELY wonderful and gives me so many laughs and so much joy that it is totally worth me missing out on many other things in life *I love that little guy*
    Here he is:

  4. I am about to start my first EVER shop - a webshop selling just Kona Cotton Solids and the marvellous GO! fabric cutter (I bet you have heard about it).
    I will probably not be able to compete with any American shops price-wise, but there is just 2 other places here in Denmark to get a few of the Kona's and I will be the first GO! retailer here *weeeeee*

    Better get that darn webshop up and running, as I will receive my very first cutters in the coming week!!!
    I am in NO WAY planning to make a living out of it, it just annoyed me that I could not get those products here, so I thought "why not?". If only I get back what I put in, it will be ok for me :)
  5. Hmmmm... anything else.... errrrr...... not really... Boooooooring, booooohhh.
    Well, that is it, I guess.


Tracey said...

Hi Ann! What a great idea. I'm 44 and married, no children and work for the owner of an NFL team. I've been quilting for about 8 years and consider myself a confident beginner. I really enjoy reading your blog. I invite you to stop by mine and say hello. I would love to meet you. My blog is

Barb said...

I think that is great that you will be selling the Go cutter where you live, I am sure it will be hard to get there so you will have much success.

I am Barb from Bejeweledquilts. I have five sons, just became an empty nester a little over a year ago. No I adore your little one.

Good luck on your new venture!

carmel said...

good luck on your new shop!
your boy is very sweet
i also have a baby boy that just turnd one and i absalutly LOVE him!
but he is not myonly love. i have a older boy and girl
this is my blog
good luck!!!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Sounds like fun but a lot of work too.

I'm a follower and I'm Kelly from Ohio. I also own an internet business, I Have A Notion. Welcome back :)


Jan said...

I'm not bashful, so here it goes. I'm Jan and I've been married to Bob for 46 years. We live in Southern California. Bob's a retired cop, and I'm a retired retail manager, but I work PT at Barnes and Noble, because I love to read. I've sewn since I was 8, but started quilting last year. I started blogging about 4 years ago. I have two main blogs: and

Your new webshop is very exciting. I'm sure you'll get some business from me.

Linda said...

Ann & fellow followers... My name is Linda, I live in Vermont USA. I am a single mother of 4 children, I have 1 grand daughter, and another grandchild due in mid October. I have enjoyed quilting for 5 years, but sadly have not had much time in my own life during those 5 years to do much quilting myself. I give myself good dreams by searching (stalking lol) quilters pages to view all the beauty that has been created. I am down to one teen at home, a 16 yr old daughter, and I am currently working 2 jobs in the Human Resources field. I have enjoyed your blog Ann, and I wish you much success in your new web shop!! :)

Krista said...

Hi Ann. We've responded before afew times to each other in the past when your blog first started. Click my name and it goes to my blog. At that time I was big into quilting but just starting out. Now-a-days i've gotten big into knitting but still have the itch to quilt once and a while. I'm a 26yr old US military spouse currently stationed in Western Germany.

Hope to see a blog again soon! Your son has gotten so big!

Jody said...

Hello Ann! I stopped in because you remind me of me when I was younger! I too had my own business when the children were very small, but this was before the INTERNET (imagine - I feel like a dinosaur!)
I love all things fiber-y. I am writing a book about a fiber year in my life. Come and see me if you like -
Good luck to you and your family!