February 15, 2012

New York Beauty Quilt-Along!

I must have been bitten by some strange paper piecing bug!
There was nothing else to do for me but to join the New York Beauty Quilt-Along

And I clearly remember myself sweating and swearing that I would NEVER learn to love that troublesome, slow paper piecing, when I did my first 'Geese in a Ring' block way back in. errr... 2009 I think! Fast forward to 2012 and now I feel very confident with that block and I am ready to move on!!

So I have jumped in with both feet and joined

Sew Sweetness

Come join me and currently 55 others (I am sure more will follow!).
I am not sure whether I will be able to make all blocks, as I sincerely hope I can make most block by paper piecing it all directly onto the paper (or almost) like the Geese in a Ring block.

It starts in March, and I am happy about that, as I cannot seem to find much time for quilting at the moment...


Tracey said...

Curse you ;) Now I am going to have to join. I have wanted to make this and learn paper piecing for so long. I am already up to my eyes in commitments - what's one more!!! Good to see you in a group. I can track you and see what you make.

Kritta22 said...

Oh fun!!! If I wasn't doing my own, i would probably do this one! but I will bookmark it!

Ann said...
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Ann said...

Thanks Tracey and Krista!
I see on flickr that we are now 86 in the group!

If you want to follow me on pinterest, I am here:

I have put up my creations on the 'I made this' board.