February 28, 2012

Stack of yummy

Hybris: Finally home at a time of day with decent light, kiddo sound asleep, and a stack of pure yumminess to play around with, look at, strike.

*click, click* (sound of iPhone camera happily at work)

Nemesis: the stack tips over, hits my cup of freshly made latte, latte hits floor and splashes into areas of my livingroom I have not visited on hands and knees recently.... *sigh* (me)

Well, nobody was hurt and the latte did not stain the fabrics, at least :)

Enjoy your day! I know I do.


Suburban Stitcher said...

Lovely stack of fabric! Totally wishing I had a rainbow stack in front of me right now!!!!

beaquilter said...

ohhh drool! not the latte that spilled, I have a rule, no cups or glasses anywhere near my fabrics, I have my cup to the right of my sewing machine and I cut and deal with fabrics on the left.... I'm so glad that it didn't stain the fabrics, "who" cares about the floor as long as the fabrics are intact... lol