February 23, 2009

Swap items have been received!

As I was silly enough not to take a picture of the contents of my parcels to Tracey, I have stolen the pictures from her blog.
This is what I sent for the scrap swap:

15 pieces of scraps and additional scraps

a cute little box from the Danish designers House Doctor,
in colours I hope Tracey likes.

a bit of traditional Danish sweets

and finally some good Danish grind coffee - I have been told
that it may have a fuller taste than most American coffee :)

So - just a warning for other future swappers:
I might send something really stupid!
Swap items to be sent *teaser* (9 February 2009)
Now it is time to give you all a hint of what I have been sending off to the States today!
I need to hide it a bit from you, for the obvious reason that I want Tracey to be the first to see the contents fully ;)
This means that my first swap has almost ended! It has been funny but also a lot of work, as I have been forced to sort out my stash...gosh!

Now I eagerly await receiving my swap gift from Tracey. She is the organizer of the entire swap, and I will use this opportunity to thank her for work!


Kerri said...

how fun, can't wait to see what's inside those packages for your swap partner!!

kvinta said...

LOL, I hope she will take a photo herself, as i in all my wrapping-up excitement forgot to take one ;D