February 23, 2009

Rocket Ship pillows finished!

I wanted to make something nice and try something new to me, so I decided to try a free pillow pattern that I had found at Don't Look Now!
Kellie creates the most amazing patterns for appliqu├ęs that I have ever seen, and her choice of fabrics are just that juicy and perfect!

So I decided to try the pattern that looked least intimidating to a newbie like me, and I went for the Rocket Ship tutorial for my friend's two boys (she and they have NO idea that I have been cooking this up for them).

Pictures, you say? Oh well, here then!

And a little detail on the quilting - I used a small swirly one on the green version of the pillow and stippling on the purple pillow. I like the stippling better, possibly because I am not comfortable with real quilting patterns yet *giggle*!


Natasha said...

Love the cushions!

Sarah C said...

wow, those turned out so great! I love all the detail that you added, really amazing.