February 1, 2009

Stash depression...

What can i say?... I am stash depressed.

"Why?", you might ask.
Well, I have become very inspired by all you ladies out there, showing off your yummy stash, all neatly arranged in color and perhaps evens size. And I wanted to re-arrange mine too! This weekend!

So that is what I have used a bit of my weekend for.
Nice in the beginning, as my fabrics normally are stored in boxes at the attic and I do not get to see them all together very often. And very nice to get it all under control. But....

I have realised that I do not really like most of my stash, as much of it is heritages from my mom's friends, who are not of the same age nor taste as I. But who declines fabric given to you all free?

I must admit that I can see the beauty in much of it, and I can see the givers general idea and taste, but it is just not much ME... hope you get my genereal idea here...?

So what can I do??
Any advise or suggestions? Should I arrange a swap and/or a give-away?

I need your help here!


Farmyard Crafts said...

A swap or giveaway are great ideas to get rid of some fabric. If you're wanting just to pass on fabric... then a giveaway is great... or if you're wanting something in return... a swap would be perfect too! I too have loads of free material from my sil.... I might use it ONE DAY... it's easy to get lots of fabric sitting around cause it's not quite "right". All the best!

Roberta said...

You can use them in pieced backs. That's what I try to do with the fabric that I'm no longer 'in love' with.

Louann said...

I think a swap would be a good idea but using it for backing a is a great idea too. That's what I do with some of my less than favorite fabrc. We all have it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the ziploc baggies for scrap organizing.

Millie said...

A swap will be a good idea. It seems more of us quilters are using scraps.