November 17, 2012

First step, done!

First step done

This the first step towards completion of a little project I have given myself, related to an exibition/fair I have been invited to participate in from May to August next year! This is vey exiting as I get to make stuff without a recepient in mind, and to be honest, I find it a bit difficult.

This piece is done with a pattern and partly a tutorial from thebluechair and the "porthole" technique taught by Lu Summers at the Fat Quarterly Retreat 2012.

Each fabric only appears once, thanks to a couple of charm swaps I have participated in this and last year :)

More to come!!


Sue Bone said...

Absolutely gorgeous

Ann said...

Thanks Sue!
It has caused me a fair share of problems, but the outcome seems to be worth it :)

Emma said...

Den inderste cirkel er så fin. Den må jeg prøve :-)

Ann said...

Hej Emma. Den er lavet med syning over papir på maskine. Vil du have mønstret?