November 25, 2012

Ahhhh... better!

I have been meaning to post about this little DIY project for some time now, but you know how life gets in the way of blogging. Right?

I am fairly happy with my current ironing board, but the top fabric was showing quite a few stains and wear, so I decided to make a new cover. I took off the fabric and batting and began auditioning fabrics

I took off the old batting and cut a new and larger piece but decided to keep the original batting underneath, as I had been slightly annoyed by the fact that I could always feel the metalframe and edges all the way round.

And after very little sewing - taaadaaa!

I chose to use a light green/yellowish fabric by Khristian Howell and then some linen at the end with a border of radomly mixed squares to add a bit of pop and colour.

To keep it all nice and taught I decided to use one of those thingies (sorry, do not know the name, not even in Danish, hah!) that you can find in many coats and trousers.
 All of a sudden, my little IKEA table ironing board seemed out of fashion, so of course I had to make it a new cover as well!
More taaaadaaa! :)
I switched the linen and patterned fabric around.
And to add just the tiniest bit of pink colour, I sewed in this little string of different fabric. It is less than 1/4 inch, but is just enough.

So aahh! Better now :)

Have a nice day!


Kritta22 said...

Fabulous!!!! Come do mine!!

Sue Bone said...

Gorgeous. The word is possibly toggle?

Liz DandeliondD said...

Now they are completely gorgeous.
I love the flash of colour. I definitely need to make me one of these... don't you agree?! ;0)
I would definitely agree with Sue about it being a *toggle*.

Ann said...

Well, toggle it is then!
And thanks for your lovely comments :)

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Woa, what a pretty set of boards! If you iron over the piecing parts, do you get seamlines? I've wanted to make a pieced cover...

Ann said...

Hi Rachel!
Thank you for your nice comment :)) I am still very happy with them.

It was on purpose that I made the pieced parts at the ends where I normally just put the iron:
I too worried about the seamlines.

LOL, I had to go and turn on the iron and take a piece of solid fabric to test it, just now. I made it fairly moist and pressed down as hard as I could : It does seem to have a barely visible seam effect, but mind you: I have 2 layers of batting, perhaps that makes a difference?

Just one note of advise: leave plenty of fabric to turn around (5 or more inches is a better bet than the 3'' I gave myself....)

Thank you for asking :)