October 28, 2011

Shared: Is this why we sew?

Hi all.

I found this blog post through another blogpost, and I just wanted to share it with you.

This is indeed why I sew!

But also because the process of finding the 'right' fabric and to be (hopefully) even more positively surprised when all blocks are sewn together and sum up to even more.
I also create just for my sake: To find a place to be quiet, medidative even, to see that I can do and be more than my day job (which I really like btw!).

Why do you sew?

Please let me know if you share that blogpost too.


Katie said...

Hmm I restarted sewing as I was unwell and unable to do little else and it gave me joy... However it reminded me of my love for fabrics as art, especially hand dyes and dying my own in many traditional techniques - which I haven't done yet lol because I've also been loving making for others... those friends and family - its great just knowing they have a piece of you. Not to mention the challenge of trying that elusive new project, designing that next pattern... I'm a stitcher and fabric is my enabler :)

beaquilter said...

Just saw your geese in a ring block swap thru another blog, now see you are danish!
Det er jeg ogsaa, jeg bor i USA, min mand er amerikaner.
jeg vil gerne vere med i en swap en anden gang, det ville vere sjovt.

Mette said...

Jeg er helt enig! Rigtig god weekend.