October 9, 2011

Finished Freedom Swap quilt

It is finished!

I sent out turquoise and brown fabrics and got a heap of finished blocks back - all I had to do was to sew one single block myself to complete the layout. Thank you to all the ladies at the Freedom Block Swap, round 1.
My fabrics to be sent
I first laid out the blocks with a white/cream sashing - that did absolutely nothing good for the blocks, much to my surprise!
Then I tried to find a maching solid turquoise - no good either.... So I wandered around somewhat frustrated for a minute or two... perhaps even half an hour.... perhaps more ;-)

An then my sweetheart suggested that I try a chocolate brown Kona. What?? I am not too fond of brown and had no intention of it to becoming too overwhelming in this quilt, but I decided to try out his advise, and lookie what a lovely quilt this gave me:

Gotta love a man that saves you like this, huh?!?

More pics, just for show-off:

I machine quilted it in doodles (love doodles, it is almost meditative to quilt them) and bound it in the stripe/dot fabric also used in the blocks. The batting is again 100% bamboo - it is expensive but soooo soft!

The backing was the fabric that made me choose the other fabrics in the first place: Brown turquoise coffe theme, with a tiny Eiffel Tower, and then a broad strip of the fabrics used at the front. My favorite is the one with the butterflies - love it!

This quilt is finished just in time for the autumn season - the temperature has dropped 10 degrees Celsius from one day to the next here, and now it will most certainly be used by my bf, who has until now had to do with Johan's baby-mini-quilt. And he deserves it - being all designer-ish with the brown sashing and all!

And just to finish it off: A photo of Johan who will turn 2 in 15 days!

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Kritta22 said...

Awesome!!!!! I I forgot which one is mine... I'll have to go to the group!
I love the brown!!!
Happy birthday Johan!!!!!!!