April 7, 2012

New toy and sourdough

Warning: this post is not quilt-related! ;-)My new toy!!

This is my brand new kitchen machine from Kenwood!! I was fortunate and had a nice amount of my tax money back, so I jumped in and bought this :) So far I am very happy with it: it has a powerful engine (1000 Watts) and a lot of attachments and extras. Of course Kenwood offers a bunch of additional attachments to drool over and put on my wish list *hint*! My new toy

So, naturally I needed to give it a try and what better way than baking?!

I have had my eyes and mind on a specific sourdough receipe for about a month now but did not have neither sourdough nor the time to try it out before now, during the Easter holidays.

A good friend provided me with a large storage glass of sour dough. Thanks Lone!Sourdough

Ready-to-bake dough: Ready to bake dough

All warm and finished result: Baked sour bread

And it came out very moist, crunchy crust and very good taste!! Yippeee!! Finished bread With butter and a bite

Let me know if you want me to write down the receipe! 


Doreen said...

Recipe would be appreciated! My starter is very alive and begging to be out 'playing' with others!LOl! No sewing today. Baking breads. Easter Blessings and hugs, Doreen

Kritta22 said...

Oh yummy!!!

Happy Easter!!