May 14, 2011

Be one of my three!

Back in the cold, dreary end of February I was one of three lucky winners of Maria's (allmomasquilt) giveaway-with-a-twist:

"Receive a handmade gift and pass on 3 of your own within a year of receipt"

What a lovely idea. I posted a comment and was lucky enough to WIN. Yeah! I never ever win anything... And lookie what was in my mailbox today already!!!

A very lovely pouch with a plastic window!! I have admired several of them on Maria's blog over time, and now I have one of my own. How Maria knew I love red and the Make Life fabric is a mystery to me. Seriously! I encourage you to check out her blog - she creates so much beauty (and yes, most of it is in Danish, but Google translate is a wonderful invention ;D)

I feel very lucky indeed. Thank you Maria!!

So... Now it is my turn to be creative and come up with a little handmade gift for three of you.
All you have to do is leave a comment saying you would like (dare) to be one of my three and within a year a little something will pop into your mailbox too, if mr. Random picks your comment.

I cannot promise to be as fast as Maria. But if you leave a little note about your favourite colour in your comment, I may try to take that into consideration.

And for my Danish readers: I have updated my webshop "Kvinta Quilts" with 6 more Accuquilt dies today. Or perhaps my Kona Cottons may tempt you?? *wink*

Enjoy what is left of the weekend.

Updated on 31 July 2011:
Oh well... I hereby close the giveaway and comments and declare that Kritta22 is the happy winner of all three things, and that I will think of something horrible to send her ;) lol!

I think it is OK to send her all three things, s she is already paying it forward, and just because I know she is a fantastic person :)


Maria said...

Godt at du kunne lide den lille pung. Knus

Kritta22 said...

I wanna play! I am already passing along to 3 people but I'll do 3 more!

My favorite color is light purple

You asked on my blog how we can tell so early if it's a boy. I am high risk cause of my blood disorder and I get ultrasounds about every 2 weeks. You can see little boy parts as early as 16 weeks. But if you don't see parts, it's good to wait until 20 weeks to make sure they don't show up! Lol

Do you guys get to have ultrasounds over there?