March 19, 2011

This and that.

Where does time fly??

I suspect being a mother of a 16-months kiddo, having a full-time job, and the obligatory seasonal illnesses pesting our life answer my own question. I just feel that everybody else manage to fit in social events, culture, sewing, sport, you name it!

I don't and I hate to admit it, but now I have said it. There. That felt nice...
On to another happier subject: I have a new job starting on April 1st, which brings me an aweful lot closer to this beauty! Oh yeah :D You will know when I manage to get my little sweaty hands on it. For sure!

I have also participated in a regular fabric swap, the 'Color Wheel Charm Pack Swap', and now I have received back the 200 charms, all in different fabrics. Wanna see them? OK, I can manage that!

Yummy! This pile will fit nicely into my existing pile of 4x4'' charms, cut from most of the quilting fabric I have ever bought. I foresee several monochrome quilts in my future :))

New projects. Yes, yeeeeees, I know - perhaps I should finish those in the waiting line first.
But... These oh-so-soft voiles from Anna Maria Horner, one of her previous lines called 'Little Folks', will eventually become something nice and useable. But for now you will only get this sneak peak ;)
Thank you for still reading my blog, despite the long intervals of posting!


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Barb said...

What a cutie you have there. It is so hard to balance it all ..... glad you found a job that will bring you closer to home.

Love love love the fabrics!!