May 25, 2010

Join me in this wonderful sew along!

Please consider joining me in (a part) of this sew along!
It is particulaly brilliant, as Kelly will not only guide us through the making of one item, but several.

She also has a fine understanding of the fact that sometimes life gets in the way of sewing (yiakes!), so if you have to/want to drop out at some point or want to jump into the sew along at a later stage, it is just fine!

Oh, and on a side note, I have joined another swap: the Freedom Block Swap (or Bee), initiated by Krista and Erin.

Will I ever learn that my time is limited with all these tempting swaps and bees out there???

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Aw shucks! Thanks for your generous words. I'm so glad you're taking part!
Now I'm off to have a look at this swap you've mentioned. Because I don't have enough on my plate. ;)