March 26, 2010

HST cuddle quilt

I have started this new quilt already destined to be cuddled under at our couch!
The fabrics are from an oooooold line called 'Cape Cod' by Blue Meadow Designs for RJR Fabrics back in 2007. When I saw the coulors together in a stack of FQ's on sale at the local quilt shop, I just needed to have them! However, I am a little surprised that the white HST's have had such a ..errr... fading effect on the colours, in the lack of a better explanation - hope you get me, folks :D

Inspiration comes from this quilt med by Rita from Red Pepper Quils.
Her creations are absolutely lovely, breathtaking, and inspirering and I adore her use of coloured fabrics combined with linen!!

I plan on straight line quilting, like Rita, as I really like how this simple quilting really enhances the HST's and thus gives the quilt some personality :). But first I need to get the top together - one thing at a time!! Promise you to get back with the finished quilt.

Otherwise, I enjoy watching my little boy grow and thrive: his personality is appearing stronger by the day and besides being a very happy, dear and smiling lill' one, he seems to have a bit of temper as well (now where on earth does that come from?) *whistles*.


Kat said...

That's strange that the white fabric washes your colors out - I usually find that it "pops" whatever colors I use it with. That being said, I really love the mellow greens. I think it looks great!

Barb said...

The colors are wonderful, nice and calming!!

Deanna said...

love the colors in this quilt! i made large hst blocks for a quilt i did for a christmas gift. i used the same color combo and just loved how it cam out!