February 21, 2010


Origin: 1580–90; prōcrāstinātus (ptp. of prōcrāstināre to put off until tomorrow, equiv. to prō- pro-1 + -crāstināre, deriv. of crāstinus of tomorrow; crās tomorrow + -tinus suffix forming adjs. from temporal advs.); see -ate1
(defination from www.dictionary.com)

And this is exactly what I have been doing with a quilting bee block... for months!!!
Patiently, sweet Tacha has been waiting for all of her blocks to arrive, probably because she knows that hand-sewing is not part of many modern quilters' preference...

I must admit to myself that it will certainly never be a preference of mine, anyway *giggle*.

The above photo reveals that I am halfway there, however.
And I am determined to finish it! Go go go!!!

Edit: I finished the block, that can bee seen here, on February 28 and mailed it to Tacha the following day - woooohooo!


Barb said...

Your hexes look beautiful! Don't worry, they get easier the more you do...

Annie said...

Love the blues

Deb said...

Your hexs look great. Don't worry I haven't posted mine yet! Glad to know I'm not the only one.