January 7, 2010

Join me in this swap!!

I have decided to join this swap, that the lovely Rachel is organizing.

Consider joining me!! It'll be great fun :D
EDIT: the sign-up for the 100 participants has already closed. WOW!!


rachel griffith said...

thanks for the shout out.

Ann said...

Heh, it seems you did not need it :D
Imagine, the sign-up is already closed folks!!!

Bobbi said...

hi Ann!!! im glad to be siggy'in with you too! this is SOO exciting!

marciekoch said...

Hi Ann! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am glad to be in the siggy swap with you too! I'm pretty excited!!

ange said...

Hi Ann, Thanks for visiting my blog ! Your little one is adorable. I think this siggy swap is going to be great fun!

Dianne said...

I think that I'm in the swap too!!! I'm hoping so anyway!!!